Why does your support matter?

Biola was built on the generosity of people like you who saw the vision of a school endeavoring to carry out a biblically centered calling in higher education. This calling remains strong today because of the continued generosity of Biola alumni, parents and friends. As Biola’s student body continues to grow, so does the need for scholarship support.


How will your gift make a difference?

The Biola Fund was created to meet the financial needs of our students. The Biola community’s continued support significantly reduces the cost of a Biola education for our current students, 84 percent of whom receive some form of financial aid. Your support helps reduce the heavy debt load many students carry into their first jobs.

Each dollar you give to the Biola Fund today saves our students three dollars in interest and principal over the typical life of a student loan, allowing them to pursue their vocation without the heavy burden of debt.

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Where does your gift go?

100 percent of every gift you make to the Biola Fund goes to provide direct financial aid to students in need. It’s a dollar for dollar contribution to help keep Biola more affordable for our students.

The future of our mission is impossible without you.

Over 30 years ago a small group of eight families gathered with former President Richard Chase and vowed to pray for him and commit $1,000 a year to support Biola student scholarships. Today that inaugural group has grown to well over 1,000 individuals who stand with President Corey as they pray for Biola, support student scholarships, and actively engage with the university throughout the year.

Will you stand with President Barry Corey and join the legacy of faithful friends who make Biola more affordable for the next generation of Christian leaders?


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