Lyman Stewart Society

The Lyman Stewart Society exists to honor and recognize Biola University's donors who have generously made a charitable gift to Biola through their estate plan.

Lyman Stewart

What is the Lyman Stewart Society?

The society is named in honor of Lyman Stewart (1840–1923), founder of Union Oil Company of California, and co-founder of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Stewart had a prosperous career in business and a keen desire to see young men and women educated in a manner that was biblically centered. Stewart’s life served to inspire many to involve themselves financially with what God was, and still is, doing at Biola University. He did so by leading with his own strong example of biblical financial stewardship and the sharing of his compelling vision for building God’s kingdom through stewardship, a task to which Stewart believed all Christians to be called. Stewart made a charitable gift to Biola from his estate which was distributed through a bequest and is recorded in his last will and testament.


How do I become a member of the Lyman Stewart Society?

By making one or more charitable gifts to Biola University through your estate plan, you have automatically obtained membership in this significant group of Biola partners.


Benefits of your partnership

  1. Complimentary periodic review of your estate design, coordinated with any of your other trusted advisors

  2. Invitation to campus events where you are afforded priority access to interactions with key faculty, students and university leadership

  3. Access to the full range of resources through My Legacy Planner


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Let it be our hope and prayer that from this place shall radiate streams of influence which will be a blessing not only to the multitudes around us but also to the darkest places of the earth.”

Lyman Stewart

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To learn more about the Lyman Stewart Society or to receive guidance on setting up your will or trust, contact the Office of Planned Giving at:

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