Helena W — Transfer for Transformation

November 17, 2023

Helena W. (B.A. ’25), a Junior majoring in Communications Studies here at Biola University, has a unique and inspiring life journey. A Southern California native born to missionary parents, she spent four years in Hungary during high school, ministering with her family. This international experience broadened her horizons and fueled her passion for global communication and understanding.

Helena's college journey actually began at another local Christian University. However, she found that it didn't provide the spiritual and biblical encouragement she was seeking. This led her to transfer to Biola University in the fall of 2023.

Helena's decision to come to Biola was influenced by her previous knowledge of the university, as she had lived in La Mirada before her time in Hungary What ultimately sealed the deal was her experience here on campus and the interactions she had with faculty. While visiting, Helena felt a genuine sense of care and support from the Biola community, which played a pivotal role in her decision.

Within Communications Studies, Helena has found a particular interest in interpersonal and family communication. Her love for people and desire to communicate effectively have shaped her academic path. Helena aspires to go into event planning, possibly in the context of overseas missions, and even intends to explore part-time wedding planning.

Being at Biola has not only challenged and encouraged her personal beliefs but helped her grow as an individual. The past two months (especially her course on marriage and family relations communication) have profoundly shaped her perspective on relationships and her identity from a Christ-centered viewpoint. Helena credits Professors Dr. Tim Muelhoff and Chase Andre, her mentors, for playing a crucial role in her educational and personal growth, further enriching her journey.

Looking ahead, Helena sees Biola as a place that will provide her with a strong foundation to impact the world through her faith and education. In the process, she hopes to develop a resilient character. Her courses teach her how to interact with others efficiently and in a Christ-like manner, setting her apart from others in her future career.

Initially, Biola seemed out of financial reach, but the aid she received has made it possible. Helena’s immensely grateful for the donors who have given to make it happen.  “Thank you! I wouldn’t be provided this opportunity without others’ generosity and it’s an encouragement to, in the future, give back to Biola because I know how much it helped me,” she says. 

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