Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts

We live in a culture thirsty for a wonder that Christianity and the arts provide; thirsty for true vision. And this vision leads to action. Not just any action, but action that brings a little more of God’s coming kingdom into this world right now.

Roberta Green Ahmanson
Author and Philanthropist

The Shaping Power of Art

The arts and culture pervade all aspects of life. As creators and consumers, we are drawn to them. They shape who we are, how we live and also how we see. They can be Good, True and Beautiful. But most important, they are spiritually significant.

The spiritual significance of art, however, is insufficiently appreciated today, particularly among people of faith. And when it is appreciated, many find that the most spiritually significant works of art are coming from secular creators. What happened to the robust tradition of Christian art making and appreciation? Where are the resources, inspirations and models of excellence in the arts for people of faith?

Biola Reaches the World through Art

The CCCA endeavors to spark discussion and inspire creation at the intersection of faith and the arts. Our programming and initiatives will engage the academy, the church, Christian artists, the larger Los Angeles arts community and the world.

The work of the CCCA encompasses:

  • Impacting the Los Angeles art community
  • Providing online resources for the world
  • Engaging artists of faith through visionary-in-residence program

The Vision of CCCA

Biola University’s Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts (CCCA) desires to help Christians regain a respected and crucial voice in the conversation.

The CCCA seeks to support and inspire Christians to make work that is trailblazing and significant to mainstream culture. The CCCA aspires to help Christians who are already enjoying and participating in culture to do so in a manner that is integrated with and edifying for their faith.

The vision of the CCCA is to be a multidisciplinary resource that aims to create and facilitate opportunities in a wide variety of contexts, for thoughtful reflection on the interplay of Christian faith, the larger culture and the world of the arts.

Funding the Vision

More than ever before, Christians must recognize the spiritual significance of art as we seek to be voices of redemption and hope in this cultural conversation.

By supporting the work of the CCCA you are joining a concentrated effort to positively enlarge the voice of Christianity in culture and the arts.   Your patronage today can help us recover a place for faith in the cultural conversation. 

“The Biola University Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts is a sign of hope for enlarging the voice of Christianity in America.”

Dana Gioia
Judge Widney Professor of Poetry and Public Culture, USC
Former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

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