Bell Ringer Society

Biola’s Lifetime Giving Society

Named in honor of Biola’s historic campus bells, the Bell Ringer Society honors generous supporters who have achieved significant lifetime giving milestones and are making a substantial difference by helping the ongoing mission of Biola University.

  • Bronze Bell:
    Special distinction

  • Silver Bell:
    $250, 000 - $499, 999

  • Gold Bell:
    $500, 000 - $999, 999

  • Platinum Bell:
    $1, 000, 000 and above

The Bell Tower, located in the heart of our La Mirada campus, is an important historical landmark tying together our past and our future.

Constructed in 1987, the tower includes five of the original 11 Meneely bells that were suspended atop Biola’s original downtown Los Angeles building in 1914. Along with the iconic Jesus Saves sign,   these bells served as a message and beacon of hope to the surrounding community. Gordon Hooker, Biola’s official bellringer, played the bells three times a day and twice on Sundays for over 30 years.

Today the bells are heard daily at 9:25 a.m. calling students to chapel, at noon and at 5 p.m. The Bell Tower has become a pivotal meeting place for group prayer and campus gatherings.

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