What is University Endowment? 

The university endowment is the accumulation of past financial gifts and university operating surpluses which are invested according to a board approved investment policy. In addition to acting as the university’s savings account, the investment earnings from the endowment can be allocated towards the operations of the university, to student scholarships, to academic chairs and to other purposes, based upon donor restrictions.

How does Endowment Impact Affordability?

The endowment has a direct correlation to college affordability. Every investment dollar provided by the endowment means one less dollar is required from student tuition. As we seek to minimize tuition and room and board increases in the future, the best alternative we have is to grow the endowment. Your gift can have a direct impact on the tuition Biola has to charge and perhaps the level of debt students are incurring to complete their education.


How will Endowment Help Secure our Future?

A large endowment provides the security we need to weather the financial uncertainly of the future, protecting the university, and ensuring that quality, biblically integrated education will always be available, regardless of the economic environment.

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