Naveen Saxena — For the Healing

Senior Music Major, Naveen Saxena, shares about his story of becoming a Christian and coming to Biola. 

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Building the Foundation

Dr. Bob Sears ('91) is a pediatrician and author who focuses his work on building a strong relationship between parents and their children. 

Sharing God’s Love

Dr. Jane Anderson (’71), was the first Biola graduate to attend and graduate from medical school. Now as a clinical professor of pediatrics at UCSF, she shares how her Biola education gave her the courage to stand boldly for her faith as she pursued a successful career in the sciences and health care. 

Elevating the World

Wes Wasson ('89), former Senior Vice President and CMO for Citrix, shares his passion for using business to uniquely impact different markets, and for translating his experience to offer business training skills to people in poverty around the world. 

Preparing for a Medical Career

Alumna Angela Nicholson ('15) shares about her experience with the sciences at Biola, and how that prepared her for a future in medicine. 

The Courage to View Business as Ministry

Sophomore Jay Chang is studying business because he is passionate about using his Biola training to be a light in the business field. He is thankful for the scholarship support that has enabled him to continue his education here, as he prepares for his career as an accountant. 

Knitting to Help Educate Girls in India

Senior Sarah Sjoberg feels very blessed to attend Biola University and credits much of her opportunity to the scholarship support she receives. This generosity from donors and the university has had a profound impact on Sarah, an International Business major, and it has motivated her to make a similar impact in other people’s lives: “My education is so valuable to me and I want to provide that opportunity for someone else,” she says. Out of this desire, Infinite for India was born.

Breaking Cycles of Poverty

Erika Sanchez graduated from Biola University in May 2013 at 20 years old, completing her bachelor’s degree in sociology in just three years. Finishing college early is an accomplishment itself, but especially for a young woman who was not sure if she would even finish high school.

Multiplying Generosity to Train Biblically Centered Business Students

Jose Anaya was born in Colombia and grew up in the town of Barranquilla, where his father worked for the government as a large livestock veterinarian. At nine, Jose and his family were forced to leave Colombia as persecution from local insurgents escalated, and so the family moved to Downey, California. Since then, Jose’s parents have both had to take minimum wage jobs to help support the family, and money has always been tight.

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